Fashionizer staff

Name: BC

Role at Fashionizer: Office Administrator

BC is the newest addition to the Fashionizer team, taking over for our previous office administrator who is on maternity leave. At least we welcome a new baby, and a new team member! BC has adjusted quite quickly to the Fashionizer life, and takes on a variety of challenges, such as dealing with accounts, HR, managing staff, finance assistance, to office management, and supporting the team on a daily basis. Being French, he is also happy that he can converse his native tongue to our many French spa clients. He admits, it was a challenge adapting to everything new, but that is necessary when taking on a new role. Almost one month in, and BC is handling anything that comes his way with a can-do attitude.

Life before Fashionizer

BC grew up in Angers, West France – well known for its castles. He studied business at the University of IUT Angers. After graduating, he moved to Paris and started working as a project manager for an event and travel agency. In 2014, he packed his bags and moved to London, pursuing his career at a UK-based event and travel agency. From organising corporate events for companies, to project launches, and networking seminars, BC would deal with a variety of clients, mostly French people who wanted to expand their horizons to the UK.

Insider’s Guide to BC

In his down-time, BC has started to learn how to sew in his free time. He even has made a variety of stylish face masks for him and his friends! He also is an avid video-gamer, his favourite being the Final Fantasy series. As we are all patiently waiting for lockdown to end, BC enjoys shaking up some kitchen cocktails on weekend (who doesn’t?!) and relaxing.