Name: EB

Role at Fashionizer: Tailor Sample Machinist

EB is the start point for making the design of a garment into reality. He takes the pattern designed by our design team and turns it into a sample. Each sample is then analysed for fit, look and practicality. EB will then make all the adjustments, making the garment again, until, he says, “it is perfect”. He also makes bespoke garments in smaller quantities, using his wealth of tailoring experience to create lined jackets, coats and waistcoats.

Life Before Fashionizer

Tailoring is in EB’s blood. He learnt the trade through his father, who was a successful tailor in Ghana. He’s introduction to garment creation was as his father’s apprentice, and his first role was to master the art of ironing. He quickly progressed, learning how to make men’s shirts and other garments for the family business. Making dresses and skirts for his sisters made him realise that there was a gap in the market for ladies’ clothes, so he set up his own business at the tender age of 18, creating both men’s and women’s garments.

When he arrived in the UK he furthered his sewing skills, working in mass garment production producing fitted evening gowns to jackets and coats. During his 10 years as a machinist, he worked for several high-end designers who required his expert tailoring skills. With practical experience in abundance, EB also chose to further his education gaining qualifications in Pattern Cutting and Tailoring and completing a Masters in mentoring.

Insider’s guide to EB

EB is the smartest man in West London. He’s also the most youthful-looking. His secret: eat plenty of meat and cake, smile a lot and wear a decent suit.