For over 25 years, Fashionizer’s Internship Programme provides recent graduate students a chance to experience a hands-on role in the fashion industry. Whether you are articulate in design or computer savvy, you are responsible for working on real projects that aid in your position as well as working with the Fashionizer team as a whole. Self-motivation is key, and the efficiency for finding solutions and moving on to the next task willingly is crucial. Our interns are just as important as any other employee, which is why we treat everyone as a team member. Join Fashionizer if you are interested in working hard and having the will to learn new tasks. We look forward to meeting out new team members!

Kate Armstrong – Marketing Internship

After studying Luxury Fashion Business and Marketing in Paris, my Marketing Internship at Fashionizer has been the perfect opportunity for me to develop my skills, learn more about the fashion industry and find how I fit into it all. I grew up in Auckland, New Zealand, so now that I live halfway around the world in London, I really value the friendly and welcoming atmosphere of Fashionizer, as it helps make me feel at home away from home.

For me, one of the best things about my internship at Fashionizer is that I get a lot of hands-on experience and exposure to different areas of the business and its marketing. I love having the freedom to update the company’s social media pages, help out with website updates and work on graphics for the Fashionizer brands, which is a really fun outlet for me to use my creative flair.

Everyone at Fashionizer is so friendly and happy to spend time working with me, which was so helpful when I was first getting to grips with my internship. With the team being relatively small, I’ve benefited from a lot of one-on-one training and there’s always someone willing to help if I need it. I’ve learnt so much in a short period of time, and really feel like I’m a valued part of an expert team.

Leah Murphy – Production Internship (May 2022 – November 2022) 

After studying Fashion Atelier at the University of Creative Arts in Rochester, I freelanced for a little while, working on costume alterations for films and TV dramas. This gave me good exposure to both ends of the fashion spectrum, however I knew that tailoring was something I really wanted to pursue

My internship at Fashionizer was where I truly found my calling, as it allowed me to fulfil my dream of working with tailoring and production. The environment is friendly and warm, so I never felt afraid to ask for a little extra direction, which I think really helped me to develop my skill set. The work is also so varied and rewarding in its challenges, which meant I got a huge amount out of it and learnt greatly from the team around me.

Being part of such a small and welcoming team meant I was able to experience a huge variety of tasks in my internship, which included cutting and preparing for the seamstresses, using the plotter to plot out patterns, preparing trims, helping with quality control and much more. There was never a dull moment, and always someone around to help me if I needed it.

Following my internship at Fashionizer, I was hired as Production & Design Assistant which suits me down to the ground – high-quality craftsmanship is what I love doing, and Fashionizer is a great place to do it.

Grace Williams – Production Internship (September 2019 – March 2020) 

After graduation from Nottingham Trent University in 2019 with an undergraduate degree in BA(Hons) Fashion Design, I unusually began looking for graduate jobs as a sample machinist. When I found the production internship position going at Fashionizer, I was interested and intrigued as it was a role that included sewing as well as other numerous tasks within the production process.

By starting as an intern, I have really learnt a lot in the whole production process and gained skills that they don’t teach you at university. On a weekly basis I would help with packing orders to be sent to factories, carry out Quality Control on newly made garments, assist with any in-house production, and do any other tasks that were required of me around the office. For example, my very first task at Fashionizer was to go through the whole fabric library and sort and reorganise it.

The whole Fashionizer team are friendly and helpful and really made it easier for me to settle into working life. They always helped if I had any questions or struggles making the day a lot more enjoyable.

After my Internship ended after six months, I was hired in a full-time position as a Production Assistant and then as a Design Coordinator. My experience gained at Fashionizer has been beyond anything l imagined as I have dealt with the whole design and production process. I have worked on projects from initial designs through to production. If I were in a larger company this would never have happened and now I am so glad to be working for a small business that allows me to do different tasks every day.

Catriona McCall – Fashion Internship (August 2018-January 2019)

There is plenty to be gained working at Fashionizer but best thing is the amazing team. Everyone is so friendly and helpful, I felt like a proper member from the start. This meant that I wasn’t afraid to ask for help and therefor learn more. I felt comfortable asking for new tasks and responsibilities when I felt ready and could shape my internship so I could get the most out of it.

Being a small company means that I’ve been able to witness and get involved in the full critical path, seeing garments starting out as an initial concept, developed into a fully functioning garment, and produced and sold to clients and customers.

This internship has also been really useful in terms of broadening my understanding of different types of design and garment construction, for example, I’d never had an opportunity to work on luxury tailoring before!

I’d recommend an internship at Fashionizer for anyone who wants a broad and in-depth experience at a small brand as the variety of work is huge and you can really make what you want of your time at Fashionizer.

Juliana Russell– Design and Marketing Internship (July 2018-January 2019)

After studying abroad in London over two years ago at the London College of Fashion, it had always been my dream to return to the bustling, fashion-forward city to pursue a career. After a lot of hard work and applications, I was beyond excited to accept an internship offer from Fashionizer just months after graduating from Lasell College, located in Boston, MA USA, where I received my Bachelor of Arts in Fashion Design and Production.

My favorite thing here is that I’m never doing the same thing (or just one thing for that matter). Whether it’s being the voice of our social media platforms, helping the design team cut patterns and sew toiles, creating and editing our new websites that just launched, putting together photoshoots, or editing flat boards on Illustrator – there’s never a dull moment for me in the office. I’m really progressing my skills in all aspects of the fashion industry, from design to marketing, to production.

Moving to London (again) was a big step for me, as this time I was living on my own, and the reality of being an adult really hit me. It took a while to adjust to everything here, as London is so similar yet so different compared to Boston. Not to mention getting adjusted to the metric system once again was a brain twister. As tough as it is to be a likeable American in the UK, I walked into Fashionizer with warm greetings and smiles.

My Fashionizer Family (that’s what I like to call them) has been nothing but supportive of me as they are a group of kind, smart, and genuine people, and they are a huge reason as to how I got so comfortable here so quickly

Being able to touch base with everyone in different departments really increased my knowledge of the overall fashion industry and how the production process works for a business like Fashionizer.

Hannah Brownlie – Fashion Internship (November 2016-May 2017)

As a graduate wanting to gain experience in the clothing industry, Fashionizer was the obvious choice when it came to choosing my next fashion internship. I wanted an opportunity to challenge myself and as a company committed to achieving high standards it was clear to me upon arrival that I would be responsible for ensuring I got what I wanted out of my time here.

Fashionizer is a small organisation that can achieve close relationships with its customers and suppliers and as a result the Fashionizer team is no different. When it comes to learning how a business starts with a design concept and ends with a high quality garment, there is no better place to put yourself.

From day one I was treated as a member of the team and given the opportunity to tackle tasks in order to better my knowledge of the production process.

As a part of my role I’m charged with packing and sending goods to both our factories and clients whilst acting as a point of contact with our courier services. It was impressed upon me how much I was valued as a part of the team when I was given the opportunity to reorganise the distribution process. In my experience as an intern it is rare for a company to be so willing to give the reigns over to someone new but in the case of Fashionizer they welcome new ideas and processes that can help them achieve their goals.
 In my four months here the amount I have learnt about the design and production process has been invaluable.

The first month in the office was a constant learning process as I got to participate in tasks such as packing customer orders, sending production out to factories, helping in the sewing department, QC’ing garments and carrying out stock takes.
 My time here at Fashionizer has been fantastic in terms of learning and gaining experience that I can take on with me through my career and I would highly recommend my position to anyone else wanting an internship where they really get to participate and make a difference.
 Hannah studied BSc (Hons) Fashion Technology Graduate at Heriot-Watt University.

Marjorie Castel – French Marketing Assistant Internship  (June 2013 – December 2013)

I started my internship at Fashionizer less than two months ago and I have already learned so much. Being a French student, it has been a challenge to work in a different environment using a different language but I have enjoyed it very much. Living in London, a multicultural city that never sleeps has been a huge blast and time has passed so quickly.

The team at Fashionizer have not hesitated to give me a lot of responsibilities since day 1 and I have had the opportunities to work on several different projects: newsletters, brochure, Google Adwords, SEO… I also attend every marketing and sales meeting which allows me to integrate in the company like a real employee. I learn a lot of things everyday on Photoshop, websites, and the fashion and spa industry – no day is alike.

I enjoy working at Fashionizer because the team is very friendly.

Everyone is available to answer my questions and I enjoy the convivial atmosphere. My internship gives me the chance to apply what I have learned at university but to be honest, I have already learnt much more about marketing working here than being at university for several years.
Majorie studied Master Grande Ecole at Rouen Business School

Tamsin Yates – Marketing & PR Internship (June 2012 – 2013)

In terms of personal training and development completing a internship at Fashionizer compares to no other. Day 1 of my internship involved a company induction followed by a further 4 days on-the-job training plus opportunities to attend networking events and access to webinars; all invaluable assets to enhance your CV for future employment. The learning experience was incomparable to my peers and I decided to extend my internship instead of working at a new agency prior to returning to University.

I would recommend completing an internship at a small organisation like Fashionizer because it allows you to build better relationships with colleagues, feel like a crucial part of the team and also broadened your knowledge of not only marketing but all aspects of the organisation including sales, production and design.
You have a lot of responsibilities made clear by daily, weekly and month tasks. As the internship progressed I began working on campaigns on a project-by-project basis on top of my set tasks, the campaigns varied from producing a video about the bespoke design process to working with graphic designers and web coders implementing an overhaul of the websites.

Not only has the internship moulded me into a competitive candidate for future employment it has also been a year I have thoroughly enjoyed. With supportive managers and friendly colleagues anyone creative and keen to learn will enjoy the working environment.
Tamsin studied BA (Hons) Public Relations student at Bournemouth University

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