Fashionizer Staff

Name: JR

Role at Fashionizer: Marketing Assistnat

At Fashionizer we like to give our interns an authentic experience of working in a London garment design company. Intern’s regularly work in a variety of our departments depending on their skills and interests. JR was keen to join the Fashionizer Internship programme to build her knowledge in the design and marketing of a brand. As part of the Design and Marketing team JR has revolutionised Fashionizer’s Instagram and is helping to grow our increasing social presence.

Life Before Fashionizer

JR has a Bachelor of Arts in Fashion Design and Production from Lasell College, located in Boston Massachusetts. she did one semester at London College of Fashion in 2016 and fell in love with London and a British army boy. This made her determined to come back and she jumped at the opportunity of supporting Fashionizer Spa’s US marketing activities.

Enthusiastic and ever resourceful JR managed to get her Bunac visa organized in record time and jumped on a plane a day later, on route knowing she had to commit to buying a flat within the first 2 days of arriving. Luckily, she found a cosy and homey flat only a short distance away from the Fashionizer office. A feat that left the rest of the Fashionizer team in awe of her organizational skills ever since.

Insider’s guide to JR

It has always been JR’s dream to live in London, and she loves walking the city scoping out quirky fashion art exhibitions and boutiques sourcing inspiration for her next fashion project. JR loves her social media and her fashion muses take the form of the quirky Jeremy Scott at Moschino, the colourful Roberta Einer and the eccentric Sally LePointe. All create quirky yet functional pieces and are not afraid to stand out, always being bold and true to their unique sense of style, which sums up JR to a T. On that note, we think she should dye her hair bright pink again!