Fashionizer Staff

MH Role at Fashionizer: Pattern Cutter

MH has been with Fashionizer for more than 15 years and her role is central to our ability to be flexible in our work. As our freelance pattern cutter she is available to support the design and pattern cutting team, and is responsible for ensuring our garments are a great fit, comfortable and allow and ease of movement. She oversees the process from creation of the digital pattern through to completion of the garment, to create high quality uniforms.

Life Before Fashionizer

MH earned a technical degree in the Czech Republic before working in clothing manufacture in a tailoring factory. This background of garment production has given her a deep insight and understanding of what a manufacturer requires from a pattern cutter for a successful outcome.

Insider’s Guide to MH

MH has three children who keep her busy when she’s not at work. Her family lives in Surrey and are big fans of the outdoors, so weekends are often spent having picnics, going swimming, visiting parks and getting away to the seaside whenever they can.