Fashionizer Spa unveils new designs for Six Senses Hotels Resorts Spas

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Fashionizer is delighted to present its exclusive spa uniform designs for international brand Six Senses Hotels Resorts Spas.

About the designs

Six Senses Hotels Resorts Spas invited Fashionizer to create the uniforms for its resort and city-based spas worldwide.  The brief was to ensure that the designs should be contemporary, practical, and reflect the brand values of the company: sustainability, attention to detail and in harmony with its brand colours.

The collection, made in Fashionizer’s exclusive organic cotton CPF, comprises skirts, trousers, jackets and tunics for therapists and spa reception staff, and includes designs for both men and women. The style of the jackets and unisex Thai trousers are influenced by Six Senses’ Thai origins and the colours reflect their branding, using their olive, pebble and pearl white colour palette.

The final designs were completed following a successful wearer trial at the Six Senses-branded spa at the Alpina Gstaad in Switzerland. Fashionizer Managing Director Debbie Leon said “Wearer trials are an important part of the process. It is the best possible way of clients to discover what works for them and what doesn’t in a real-life situation. In addition, the best person to test a garment is the one who will actually be wearing it. It is a vital part of implementing a successful uniform programme for both the client and for us, the designers.”

The uniforms had to be suitable for staff working in different locations across the work, and had to work with a variety of body shapes. Vice President Anna Bjurstam said, “Sustainability is an important part of the Six Senses ethos, but the uniforms also had to fit in with the brand and the diversity of the organisation.”

About the fabrics

With a commitment to preserving the environment being a core value for Six Senses Hotels Resorts Spas, it presented Fashionizer with the opportunity to showcase a new bacteriostatic fabric treatment that enables garments to be washed at lower temperatures than normal, thus saving significant amounts of energy. The Silverplus ™ treatment uses a silver compound that arrests the development of bacteria and its properties mean that it is effective at 40 degrees. The treatment is both safe and skin-friendly.

Fashionizer is a pioneer in the development of fabrics specifically for the spa environment.  In 2008 the company launched its proprietary organic Cotton Performance Fabric (CPF ™), which included a soil release treatment for garments that might be exposed to massage oils and lotions. CPF has the additional advantage of being a flexible fabric, enabling therapists to move around freely, as well as being breathable, which is a significant benefit in hotter countries and warm spa environments.

Fashionizer Spa MD Debbie Leon said, “As the only global supplier of organic cotton uniforms, it is important for us to continue to develop new products. The spa industry is in growth worldwide, and this presents fresh challenges and new opportunities. We have a close relationship with spa businesses, and our new Silverplus ™ treatment is a response to what we have been hearing across the business.”  We will be introducing Silverplus ™ into our CPF stock supported spa range later in 2014.

About Fashionizer

Fashionizer is an award-winning company that specialises in the supply of high-quality uniforms for exclusive hotels, luxury spas and resorts. It offers the full range of services from design to consultancy, manufacture and delivery.  Fashionizer’s focus on bespoke designs is complemented by an extensive range of high-quality stock spa and hotel uniforms in natural fibres.

We are a spa uniform specialist and through our spa uniform division, Fashionizer Spa, we are the only international supplier of organic spa uniforms able to distribute to locations worldwide. Our stylish and practical uniforms are created specifically for the spa environment using our proprietary fabric (CPF ™). We source all our fabrics in Europe, where we also manufacture our garments. The company has a commitment to sustainability.

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