Staff uniforms

Name: JM

Role at Fashionizer: Sales Support

JM supports customers through their uniform journey at Fashionizer and Fashionizer Spa, ensuring that communication flows smoothly between them and the production and design team. She oversees the processing of all online orders and handles all the packing and documentation for our deliveries across the globe. Being French, JM loves the fact that she can now speak her native tongue to our many French spa clients.

Life Before Fashionizer:

JM grew up in the south of France and received her bachelor’s degree in English Literature & Translation at Aix-en-Provence University. She then went on to receive her master’s degree in Museums, Galleries, and Contemporary Culture at the University of Westminster. JM previously worked as a client advisor for various luxury fashion designers  – in fact in almost every luxury retail department store in London.

Insider’s Guide to JM:

Growing up, JM was a cat mom to two beautiful blue-eyed Siberian fluffy friends. In her spare time, she’s a shopaholic – we can’t blame her after working in luxury retail for so many years. I must admit, as a fellow fashion lover and shopaholic, JM and I enjoy sharing with each other our latest new obsessions, from special occasion dresses to the newest funky trainers that popped up on our Instagram. JM is also a secret bookworm; she’s read all 8 game of thrones books – TWICE!