AB Role at Fashionizer: Office Administrator

AB is one of the newest members of the Fashionizer Team, but her positive attitude means she’s quickly become a valued member. Her daily role revolves around supporting our busy team, taking on a wide range of responsibilities to keep the office running smoothly. Some days will see her focussed on HR and admin duties; others will see her communicating with customers. Whatever the task, AB loves the challenge of being the Team Assistant in a fast-paced environment and has truly taken the role in her stride.

Life Before Fashionizer

AB has always had a creative streak, having first discovered a love of art and cinema at school. She went on to study Screenwriting and Film Studies at the University of Winchester before returning to London in pursuit of her professional career. Since then, AB has developed her excellent communication skills and flair for customer experience. Her last role before joining Fashionizer saw her working within the charity sector, where she honed her skills as a vital supportive team member.

Insider’s Guide to AB

In her spare time, AB enjoys nothing more than nurturing her creative streak. She can often be found trying new hobbies such as painting or crocheting and has even turned her hand to screen writing! AB’s creativity also follows her to the kitchen, where her mum and boyfriend play the role of taste testers for her new culinary creations.