Fashionizer team


Role at Fashionizer: Designer

BL’s role as creative designer involves all aspects of design at Fashionizer be it concepts for clients or images for our own marketing materials.  He particularly enjoys the creativity of the projects he is working on at Fashionizer, his appreciation of bespoke uniforms has blossomed since joining the team. The fact that every day involves new challenges is an aspect of his work that he particularly loves.

 Life Before Fashionizer

BL graduated from the London College of Fashion with a BA in Fashion Design and Technology. Since then, he has gained over 10 years of experience designing for British heritage and global luxury fashion brands including Hugo Boss, Burberry and Henri Lloyd, where he incorporated innovative and original design solutions to the collections through functionality, unique detailing and technical fabrication.


Insider’s guide to BL

His love of art and creativity spills into his spare time where he portrays conceptual artistic subject matters through fabric, photography, film, and multidisciplinary art. BL’s extensive travel experience gives him a multi-cultural approach to the way he designs. He loves to see how different regions outfit key trends and understands how culture can play a big part in fashion design. This is valuable to his role at Fashionizer, as we often need to adapt and design our uniforms to suit our clients cultural, environmental and climatic distinctions.