Fashionizer Staff

Name: Debbie

Role at Fashionizer: Owner and Managing Director

Debbie would be the first to say that no day is the same at Fashionizer, whether that’s writing a pitch document for a new uniform programme or meeting clients. But it’s the excitement of new projects and new designs that gets her out of bed in the morning and most days you will likely find her checking over mood or design boards and making suggestions to the team. In recent years, Fashionizer’s client-base has spread globally, and Debbie is often reporting back from far-flung places to bring the team up to speed on how a pitch or a project is doing. But it’s not all glamour. There are also the day-to-day challenges of managing the business, from dealing with the accounts to organising the office priorities.  Although her role demands that she is a jack of all trades, there one role which Debbie is passionate about: The design of innovative garments and fabrics.

Life Before Fashionizer

A passion for designing clothes has always been part of Debbie’s life. After gaining a degree in Theatre Design at The Wimbledon School of Arts, Debbie embarked on a career in costume design. For nearly 10 years she worked in film and TV: for ITV she worked in the costume department for primetime TV dramas such as Never the Twain, Shelley and Hope it Rains. And rather ironically it now seems – No Job for a Lady. At Cannon Films, she created the costumes for several fairy tale films such as Rumpelstiltskin and Sleeping Beauty. Her responsibilities extended beyond design and her role included creating a costume workshop from scratch, and managing a 24-strong department of makers, dressers and assistants. It was this experience of ‘running the show’ that encouraged her to think about setting up a business. When she had her children, she wanted to find work that was flexible enough to enable her to be a mum, but also challenging enough to make the most of her expertise. In 1993 Fashionizer was born.

Insider’s guide to Debbie

Not much slows Debbie down, although fate has conspired to try to do so in the past few years. She has fallen off a step in Dubai (apparently no alcohol involved), broken her leg skiing on the slopes of Switzerland and had a knee replacement as a consequence, none of which have stopped her. Passionate about many things, Debbie is definitely loves her European staff and suppliers, and is a very strong anti-Brexiteer