Name: DZ

Role at Fashionizer: Websites Manager

Originally Fashionizer’s Marketing and Sales Director in our HQ in London, DZ has now moved back to her native Poland where she is still maintaining her connection with the company as Websites Manager. Now that we have a number of websites, her focus is primarily to improve the customer journey and ensure we are up to date with web developments. She has become quite the expert in all things digital. Although some of her London clients miss her, the team at Fashionizer are finding skype an effective means of daily communication.

Life before Fashionizer

DZ graduated with a master’s in politics in her native Poland before stepping on to a plane bound for India. Here she made her first step into the world of hospitality, working as a marketing manager in Mumbai for a hospitality business. After two years she moved to London, joining Fashionizer in 2012 as Account Manager, completing her CIM marketing qualification in her spare time.

Insider’s guide to DZ

DZa is a globe trotter and loves to travel to far and distant places. Her favourite destinations so far have been India and Panama, where she loved the vibrant colours and distinct culture. The calming qualities of yoga helps her focus and feel motivated daily.