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Name: EF

Role at Fashionizer: Production Manager

EF’s job is one of managing critical paths and logistics whilst checking that all materials and finished garments arrive and leave Fashionizer promptly. This puts her at the start and the end of our uniform-making process, a role that is a focal point for both the Fashionizer team and our clients. As she is responsible for the timely delivery of uniforms, manufacturers know that they have to keep her updated, as she will not rest until she has ensured that all production is ready, up to standard and delivered to the agreed deadline.

Life before Fashionizer

Originally from a small village outside Madrid, before joining Fashionizer, EF studied for a Masters in Fashion Design in Milan. From there she went on to work in an Italian SME specialising in maternity wear this role gave her a taste for all aspects of fashion from design to logistics. It was there she realised she had a particular talent for organisation as it combined her passion for design with her talent for management, she found production was her calling. In 2019 she moved to the UK for new adventures and quickly found herself welcomed into the team at Fashionizer.

Insider’s guide to EF

Outside work, EF is enjoying London life, but she also loves to travel. Now that she’s living in the UK, she’s looking forward to getting out and exploring by road, sea and rail, and no doubt there will be few international escapades along the way as well. When she’s not exploring she loves to dance, especially Puerto Rico’s reggaetón.