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EF Role at Fashionizer: Operational Director

EF manages critical paths and logistics, checking that materials arrive and finished garments leave our suppliers and arrive at their destinations on time. Her role is critical to the success of our uniform production process. A conscientious and detail-oriented individual, EF prides herself on making sure that all of our high-end uniforms are delivered in a timely manner and to the highest quality standard.

Life Before Fashionizer

Originally from a small village outside Madrid, EF studied for a Masters in Fashion Design in Milan and went on to work in an Italian company specialising in maternity wear. It was there that she discovered production was her calling, as it combined her passion for design with her organisational talents. In 2019 she moved to the UK in search of new adventures and quickly found herself welcomed into the team at Fashionizer.

Insider’s Guide to EF

Outside work, EF enjoys the fast-paced life of the capital, but also loves to travel, both in the UK and overseas. Recently her travel plans have been curtailed as she acquired a dog in lockdown who sits at the window waiting for her return and she is reluctant to leave him for long.