Fashionizer Staff

Name: KZ

Role at Fashionizer: Sample Machinist

KZ makes the prototypes of garments created by our design team. She is an experienced seamstress with many years of making luxury garments for the fashion industry.  Now part of the in-house workroom team that since 2016 also produces small garment orders, which enable us to offer a better service to our customers. KZ brings with her extensive knowledge in women’s dresses, which perfectly complements our other workroom team members’ expertise in menswear.

Life Before Fashionizer

KZ has been a seamstress for some 30 years. She is a native of Poland, where she worked as factory manager in Wloclawek before moving to London five years ago. Prior to starting at Fashionizer, she worked for designer Catherine Walker as a sample machinist. 

Insider’s guide to KZ

KZ’s loves her husband and son and her favourite snack are grapes. She has a wicked sense of humour which she tries out daily on fellow tailor EB.