Bespoke Uniform Design Process


Before the Fashionizer Couture Uniform design team starts working with you, we like to ensure that we understand your business uniform requirements. We will also want to know the history behind your brand or property, your company culture, your objectives, the scope of work, budget and timeline. 

Before we can send you our proposal, we will try and understand how your operation works, which job roles require uniforms and how these will need to integrate into your working environment: including the décor, colour schemes and climate. We will ask you a variety of questions in order to understand your priorities, so we can offer you the right uniform solutions. 

Our uniform design process is interactive, involving you in decisions. We will also ensure that the design concepts are developed to enable a balance between style, durability and performance. 

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  • The scope of work.
  • The preferred style inspiration for your project.
  • A colour pallet.
  • Considerations of climate, demographics, operation and laundering.
  • A budget usually including a provision for staff turnover.
  • Critical path for initial delivery and plans for future continuity.
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  • We create mood boards to fit the tone of your hotel and design concept agreed.
  • We will suggest styles in keeping with your requests but keeping employee comfort in mind. 
  • Our design team will create a few variations of styles and an initial selection of fabric options to offer you. 
  • We usually tweak the initial designs a few times to reach the best result for you.
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  • Our fabric buyer then sources a selection of fabrics, based on your choices that are the best fit for each project.
  • If time allows, we can develop new exclusive fabrics for you. 
  • We then offer a choice of fabric alternatives for each type of garment 
  • We then agree with you on all styles, colours, fabrics and garment details. 
  • We present a final set of the agreed designs for you to sign off.
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  • Our technical team are responsible for creating the patterns and specifications for each garment 
  • Initially, we produce samples in your chosen colour and fabric for your approval. 
  • You will be able to review your samples when they are presented in a uniform fashion showcase. 
  • This is your opportunity to let us know if you wish to make any changes, before we proceed to produce all the garments for your staff.
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  • Fashionizer tests all fabrics for performance: abrasion, snagging and shrinkage.
  • We would recommend that you engage in a wearer trial to enable feedback from staff, management and housekeeping. 
  • We will then look at how feedback and test results change the designs, before we proceed to produce your garments.
  • Sometimes, we do not have time for this part of the process, and then we rely on the technical testing and implement any tweaks to fit or details into the next production.
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  • If your staff are available, we will ask you to provide us with their sizing requirements.
  • We also offer an optional service, for us to measure the staff. 
  • For new openings, staff are not always available. We then agree with you which sizes you think you will need and based on our extensive experience will recommend some spare garments to enable you to fit your staff once they are recruited.
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  • We manufacture your uniforms as per the agreed garment budget and size breakdown, which we can update before we go into production. 
  • We ensure that all our factories and suppliers adhere to strict ethical standards, as that is of utmost importance to us. 
  • Efficient time management and monitoring of all elements in production is key to meeting your deadline.
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  • Our quality control team checks all garments to ensure that every stitch and detail is sewn correctly as specified. 
  • We measure the garments to ensure that they are consistent with our standard sizing and the sizes you have ordered.
  • Our quality control processes are devised to ensure consistency of fabric, style, details and sizing, so new and older uniforms can be utilized. 
  • If any defects are noticed these are corrected before we send garments to you.
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  • We agree with you how you wish us to deliver your uniforms, and we box and label them accordingly.
  • We can also fit your staff and make all alterations, as an optional service. 
  • Delivery can be done by style, size etc, or alternatively by staff member allocation. 
  • We support the delivery of some projects with the fitting of all staff and initial alterations to uniforms, this is an optional service.