Bespoke Uniform Design Process

Before we begin working with you, we like to ensure we understand all your requirements. This includes identifying the design objectives for your bespoke uniforms, the décor they need to work in and their colour schemes. We also look at your operational requirements, company culture, climate of your business, budget, and your timeline. Our priority is to make your staff look and feel great, helping them to perform at their best and provide your clients with unparalleled service.

We operate an interactive uniform design process to keep you involved every step of the way, which ensures you’re regularly updated on the process of your bespoke uniform. Your uniform is safe in the expert hands of our talented design team, who use their wealth of experience in luxury fashion to develop unique design concepts for every project, balancing style, durability, and performance.

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Tell us about your requirements, and we will work with you to agree on the following:

  • Your concept and the inspiration for your project.
  • How we can work within your budget.
  • Considerations of your specific climate, demographics, operation, and laundering facilities.
  • A critical path for initial delivery.
  • Your sustainability objectives.
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This is the most innovative part of the process where we particularly excel (if we do say so ourselves!).

  • For the first step, we present you with inspirational mood boards and colour palettes, so you can make sure we understand your vision and are on the right track.
  • Then, our talented design team will sketch a variety of bespoke uniform concepts for you to choose from.
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Next up is fabric selection. We have experience of successfully developed a range of exclusive fabrics for many of our customers, so we’re confident we can select the best fabric for your uniform.

  • Our production design team will then source a selection of beautiful fabrics that complement the garment designs. We always choose fabrics from reliable ethical sources, with internationally recognised accreditations.
  • We’ll usually tweak the initial design concepts and add accessories and details following your feedback, to finalise the design stage of the process


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This is where we bring your designs to life.

  • First of all, technical packs are created to show the garment construction, details and final measurements.
  • Then our talented in-house pattern-cutters translate each garment into detailed digital patterns.
  • Samples are created. We make up prototypes in your chosen colour and fabric, ready for your approval.
  • You will then review the samples as we present them to you in a fashion showcase.
  • This is your opportunity to let us know if you wish to make any changes before we proceed to produce all the garments for your staff.
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This is an integral part of the process, where we make sure we can guarantee the performance and durability of our garments.

  • Once you have chosen your preferred materials, we will test them to the highest of technical standards by accredited international laboratories, ensuring they’re fit for purpose and will last the course.
  • If possible, we recommend you also do an onsite wearer trial. This allows you to gather feedback from staff, management, and housekeeping, ensuring everyone is happy with their new uniforms.
  • Sometimes you may not have time for an onsite wearer trial. If this is the case, don’t worry – we will rely on the technical testing, implementing any tweaks to fit or details from feedback after the first production.
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This step uses the latest AI technology for effortless sizing.

  • We harness the power of digital sizing using an app that can easily be downloaded to a phone. This app streamlines accurate body measurements to our sizing platform, with no extra work from you.
  • We can then work out the best sizing curve for your specific production requirements.
  • If we are working with you on a new opening, the staff are not always be recruited before we need to produce the uniforms – if this is the case, we will agree a bell curve with you.
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For production, we always work with our trusted partner factories in Europe.

  • Once everything is agreed, production can go ahead. Our partners will meticulously manufacture your uniforms as per the agreed size breakdown.
  • All our factories and suppliers adhere to strict ethical standards and sign up to our code of ethics.
  • Our production team will stay in daily contact with our manufacturers to monitor all elements of production, which is key to ensure we meet your deadline.
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A vital step that makes sure everything is to the highest of standards.

  • Our quality control team checks all garments to ensure that every stitch and detail is sewn correctly as specified.
  • We measure the garments to ensure they’re consistent with our standard sizing chart and the sizes you have ordered.
  • If any defects are noticed, they will be meticulously corrected before we send garments to you.
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Everything is now all packed and ready to go!

  • We will agree with you how you wish us to deliver your uniforms, then box and label them accordingly.
  • We can also fit your staff and make any necessary alterations. This is always a great opportunity for us to meet the wearers of your uniforms!
  • When it comes to delivery, this is tailored to your preferences, either boxed by style, size etc, or alternatively boxed into packs by staff member allocation.
  • We can also support your project with a full installation, including the fitting of staff and alterations to uniforms.
  • Finally, we will give you a report showing your order against uniforms issued and stock left over.