Spas are for men, in more ways than one

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Once upon a time men wouldn’t be seen dead near a spa. Then time moved on and they could finally admit to having a massage (“A sports massage, actually. For my football/gym/running/rock climbing injury.”) Well, that’s nearly physiotherapy, isn’t it? Those in touch with their feminine side were a little bolder: they might even accompany the women in their lives on a spa day “but just to keep her company”.

But the gloves (or should that be towels?) are off now, and men make up a third of all spa goers. They aren’t doing it by halves either. We have noticed that lately a modern version of the traditional “barber shop” is springing up in many a UK high street. And it seems that men are now happy to sign up to facials, exfoliations and Vichy showers as well as reflexology and various types of massage – plus some very specific male spa treatments such as ‘love handles wrap’. Well, it’s got to be worth a try.

The challenge is for spas to create a gender-neutral environment. Two of our clients have clearly hit the spot: Four Seasons London at Park Lane, was recently voted Best Spa for Men, and the Aman Spa at the Connaught, London previously made it onto the Five of the Best Man Spas list.

Men’s cosmetics has undergone the same transformation. “What’s moisturiser?” is now more “Don’t use my facial scrub!”, and gentlemen’s grooming enjoying a rather large boom.

But what’s interesting for us is that this trend is reflected in our own business. Spas are now ordering more male spa uniforms as men are moving into delivering massage and beauty treatments as well as receiving them. Our cosmetics clients too are seeing a rise in the number of men wanting to be part of the teams that sell beauty products – both to girls and to guys.

So it seems like a great opportunity to promote our men’s spa wear. We are offering a 10% discount on men’s spa tunics and trousers until the end of the month. Use the code: MENSPA

But before we get caught up in thinking that this is all very modern, a sobering thought is that men were lounging around spas in Roman times. And the hammam has always been part of the average bloke’s health routine in many countries, from Turkey to Morocco.

So in the spirit of all things changing yet somehow staying the same, we checked in with our Product Development Manager Richard who, nearly two years ago gave the idea of a men’s brazilian a resounding ‘No.’ Had he changed his mind? “It is not really my thing…” So that’s a no, then…

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