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It’s been one of the more glamorous days in our busy calendar: the Fashionizer photo-shoot.

This is something of an annual event, and it gives us the opportunity for us to showcase our fabulous uniforms, the new designs, new colours and new fabrics. But behind the sparkling results is actually a lot of thought, research, planning and sheer hard work.  It’s a little like putting together a uniform programme: there are a lot of elements, but it all has to come together seamlessly to create an effortless finished product. And there’s a lot of effort in looking effortless.

Our product development manager Richard has had a hand in a few Fashionizer shoots. Here’s his bird’s eye view of this year’s event:

On finding the right location

‘We needed a venue that could work well for photographing both hospitality and spa uniforms. We found a house in West London that has not only a steam room and a sauna, but also a pool – perfect for shooting spa uniforms. It also has a fabulous feature staircase which we could use for showing off our hospitality garments.’

The models

Finding the right models is always a challenge, as those that are not a size zero are few and as we want our shoot to look both beautiful and realistic, this is often quite a task. This is also somewhat complicated by the fact that we need a good looking guy who looks natural, the issue here that even though the female staff at Fashionizer do not object in any way to a good looking guy with a six pack, the fact that many models work out means that their upper body is muscular and stiff. After a few days casting the models were chosen and garments fitted. 

The shoot

B our in house stylist worked out hairstyles, shoes and accessories and even spent the entire day making sure everything was pressed and in order. Yoana our French student, used her French culinary skills to make sure everyone was fed, watered and consequently happy… no mean feat in itself… But the French Touch seemed to work! Debbie Leon our MD checked all was up to standard.  14,000 steps up and down the three floors of the location (accurately measured by Debbie’s “FitBIt”.) Some 33 shots later, and we have some 1000 images to choose from… 

The new Projects photographed by Fashion photographer Nick Kelly, include bespoke spa uniforms for Six Senses Hotel Resorts Spas, New Spa garments in a brand new Linen fabric, as well as a few images from some of our more recent hospitality projects.  All will be revealed on our website and in our future blogs.

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