Global opportunities bring global responsibilities

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It has been a remarkable year for Fashionizer. We’ve rolled out our first global contract with Six Senses spas, we’ve launched new fabrics and new fabric treatments and we’ve ended the year in style with our uniforms for the opening of the Four Seasons Resort at Jumeirah Beach.

But if we chose to sum up the year, we would say that it represented the moment when Fashionizer became a truly international company.

As a business we have very strong ethic principles supporting fair trade and ensuring that our suppliers adhere to strict employment laws and practices (we’ve been known to post a blog or two about this…). We have always championed sustainability and the use of environmentally friendly products too. All good, but sometimes there are things that happen in the world that make having these principles seem like a luxury.

So this festive season, we have decided to put our money where our mouth is, and, instead of sending gifts and cards, we are supporting The Disaster Emergency Committee’s Ebola Crisis Appeal.

The DEC brings together 13 charities who, in times of crisis work together for a common goal. For the Ebola Crisis Appeal the partner charities are raising money so they can provide clinical staff, treatment centres, drugs and other medical supplies and protective clothing. The work is also about supporting people affected by the deadly disease and their families, working on preventative measures and educational programmes.

Please visit our justgiving page. Any donation, no matter how small, will be appreciated.

Around 7,000 people have already been killed by ebola. Maybe we can raise a pound for each one.


Fashionizer wishes you a happy Christmas and a peaceful new year

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