Wherever you go there is a Fashionizer Uniform

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With our first worldwide contract under our belt, 2015 has started with an international flavour for Fashionizer.

First, we have just updated the Our Team section of our website, where we can reveal that within our staff we have as many nationalities represented as the average top-flight football team. There are a fair few languages spoken too. Very handy, given our step into the global arena.

Then this week, the Office of National Statistics (don’t yawn) has asked us a lot of questions about the countries we export to and those we import from. We had never really totted them up, but when we did we were surprised at the final figure: 21. That’s more than 10% of the countries in the world! It’s nearly as many as the number of countries that are allowed to enter the Eurovision Song Contest (Welcome, Australia)!

Our export countries make interesting reading, from the Europe to Asia to The Americas and the Middle East. So while Kazakhstan might have given us Borat and the mankini, we are sending them lovely uniforms – in other words, clothing you would actually want to wear. Seems like Kazakhstan might have got the better deal.

The countries we import from, on the other hand are 90% European. It’s That is going to make the next year a little more interesting as the UK lurches towards a referendum on membership of the European Union. At the moment the debate seems a little heavy on rhetoric and a bit light on information. Being practical types, we really need to know about any potential effects on delivery, paperwork, import taxes and our ability to employ whoever we want.

No doubt we will be discussing this with our European partners – especially our French towelling suppliers, RKF – when we meet at the Professional Beauty Exhibition and Conference in London later this month. See you there!

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