Our French intern means business

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French marketing assistant gives Fashionizer the inside track

Fashionizer’s new marketing intern has chosen an interesting time to leave her home country and decamp across the channel to the United Kingdom.

British newspapers have been captivated by the ‘affairs’ of French President François Hollande, but with marketing intern Yoana arriving fresh from Paris, we have been lucky enough to have an insider’s view on how the French are taking it. “We allow ourselves to make fun of our president, and allow other countries to do so too”, she says. “To be honest, his personal life is of no consequence.”  With Hollande’s indiscretion still a point of discussion, at least on this side of the Channel,  we will be relying on Yoana to keep a first-hand French view of this awkward situation.

But what about the economy ? Yoana, a 4th year business student, has already noticed that incomes are higher than in her home city of Paris. On the other hand, London life can put a strain on finances. ‘ It is so expensive here’, she says, and points to accommodation costs being double those of the French capital.

Having visited London around 15 times in her 22 years, it has been something of a dream to work in the city. Now Yoana is on a mission to embrace British culture. She is already appreciating the eclectic nature of London fashion. Tick. She has declared a taste for curry. Tick. All that remains is the accent. ‘ I want to speak like a person from London,’ she says. She’ll be with us at Fashionizer for six months. Sorted

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