Lights, camera, massage!

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Can film-makers play a starring role in hotel and spa uniform design?

We’ve been banging on about this sort of thing for a while – but we at Fashionizer are still a little bit ‘harrumph’ about the trend  for using designers who are not experts in uniform design to create hotel and spa work wear programmes.

We are expecting to see soon what film director Baz Luhrmann and costume designer Caroline Martin have up their sleeves for the Saxony in Miami Beach, as they have been commissioned to design the interiors and uniforms for the transformation of the hotel.


There is no doubting Caroline Martin’s expertise and all-round fabulousness in film costume design.  She’s won awards in abundance for it. Who can forget the surprising moment when Nicole Kidman swung on to the screen in a foxy basque in Moulin Rouge?

We’re not pre-empting, but we think it might be rather interesting to receive a pedicure from a therapist who looks like this…

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