Get the political leader look! Why image is top of the agenda

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The new government’s first budget 2015 has been delivered and it looks as though there is a little more belt-tightening on the horizon for the great British public. That, of course, won’t be a problem for the Chancellor George Osborne who a while ago led the way for us all by steering clear of the pasties and bacon butties to unveil a slimmer, tighter – younger, even – George.

That, the change in hair (different or just more of it?) and strong evidence of a few quid spent on facials in his local spa suggest that image is becoming as significant for our male politicians as it has had to be for our female ones.

We are more than familiar with the importance of image. Creating bespoke uniforms is all about delivering the right impression to the guests of any hospitality or leisure business. It adds authority and confidence to the wearer, and conveys professionalism to visitors. Perhaps that is where Mr Osborne is coming from. If he looks the part, maybe people will believe and trust him more?

Physical transformations are nothing new in politics, for women especially. Margaret Thatcher was famously given a ‘rebranding’ to make her both more accessible, but also more polished. This not only included changing her hair (for better or for worse) and clothes, but also her voice.

Across the pond, US presidential hopeful Hillary Clinton has endured years and many column inches of her style being picked over and judged, with the assumptions already spinning round Washington that she will have another make-over ready for next year’s presidential campaign.

More recently, Nicola Sturgeon,who has just been  named Britain’s most influential and powerful  woman by Radio 4’s Woman’s Hour (beating Angelina Jolie, no less), is not quite the woman she was a few years ago. Apart from ‘doing a George’ by losing a fair few pounds, the stylists have transformed her look: new haircut, new make-up, wear a lot of fuschia.

So with softer hair, higher heels and the stylish dresses, it seems that Nicola Sturgeon’s change of image has been one roaring success. Can we say the same about George?

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