Why Christmas dinner is good for you: tip number 2

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This year we’ve come across a fair few health and beauty treatments that have foodstuffs as their main ingredient.  Fashionizer has even blogged about some of them.

There have been chocolate treatments, vinotherapy, beer baths and, most recently, the use of live snails as a particularly slimy variation of the facial.

But what about the humble sprout?  This much-maligned staple of the traditional Christmas dinner is actually a health powerhouse, packed with vitamins, fibre, an unusually high level of protein and a whole range of compounds that experts say can protect our DNA and ward off cancer.

This Christmas exclusive London store Fortnum and Mason have for the first time stocked a Brussels sprout pick-me-up juice. It’s available as a shot, but the faint-hearted can mix it with other juices and flavours, such as pear and a dash of festive cinnamon.

With a health checklist as long as a Christmas streamer, it’s surely only a matter of time before the brilliant brassica finds its way into a spa treatment. Brussels sprout body wrap, anyone?

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