Fashion student intern bids fond farewell

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It’s been a bitter-sweet couple of weeks for Fashionizer.  The shelves are up, the fabric’s sorted, everybody has a desk and we can safely say that we are now properly at home in our new offices.  That’s the sweet part.

But we have also had to say goodbye to one of our team – Charlotte – who has been something of a superstar since she arrived. She is studying fashion design at the University of Northumbria, and as an intern, has to return to complete her degree.

“A lot of my friends have found themselves just making the tea,” said Charlotte. “But at Fashionizer I have done so much. I have never felt like an intern and have always felt like I was part of the team.”

Charlotte’s dedication to the cause that is Fashionizer has seen her commute 200 miles EVERY DAY. Now that’s commitment.

To apply to replace Charlotte and become the new fashion student intern, click here.

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