Fashionizer French intern says au revoir

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“Have you ever thought of hiring a French intern?”  That was the opening line of a letter we received recently in response to a job advertisement.  We have indeed thought of it: Marjorie Castel relocated from France to London to work with us five months ago –  and now, all too soon,  she is on her final month at Fashionizer. It is not the first time we have reached across the Channel: our previous French intern Loic organised our ‘Tea With Fashionizer’event at the British Embassy in Paris earlier this year.

Marjorie is in the fourth year of a Masters degree, specialising in marketing and communication at the NEOMA Business School in Rouen. With previous studies in hospitality and an interest in fashion, Fashionizer proved to be a perfect fit. It has provided Marjorie with an opportunity to put a practical application to her theoretical learning, especially working on new social media opportunities.

 At home, Paris-born Marjorie belonged to her university Fashion Club and organised events such as catwalks, so she is well placed to pass judgement on British style:  “In London you can wear what you want. The styles are different and original.  It’s as if people say, ‘I want to wear that, so I will.’ It is very different in Paris, where all the girls tend to look the same and wear the same things.”

“ Let them eat cake”

But there has been one aspect of British life that has fallen slightly short for Marjorie. The food.  Not so much the restaurants, but the supermarkets. “I love food, so it has been very difficult for me. It has not really satisfied my needs,” she says, diplomatically.

“You can buy an expensive soup and it tastes terrible,” she continues…

“And there is too much cream on the cakes. I’ve stopped eating them.” I think we are getting the picture…

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