Four things we loved about Premiere Vision 2016

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Clue: They involve fabric, shoes, chocolate and people

Premiere Vision in Paris is always an inspiration. This year Fashionizer went en masse, with our buying and production team of Alexandra and Rachel accompanying our MD Debbie. Each time we come away with some fresh ideas, new contacts and renewed acquaintances.

So what were our team’s highlights of 2016?


Most fabrics are capable of being pleated, from chiffon, shirting to leather.

It’s definitely on trend: we nipped over to London Fashion Week when we returned from PV to see the full range of pleats sweeping the catwalks (check out our pic of David Koma’s citrussy pleats).  Our Product Development Manager Alexandra was already on pleat alert, of course, and while she was firmly at Premiere Vision on business, there is no harm in a little personal indulgence. Her personal PV favourite was the bronze foil plisse shown here, which she has plans to turn into a biker jacket. Watch this space.

Problem solving

Fashionizer’s Production Coordinator Rachel last attended PV as a student, but this time her attention was firmly on the practicalities of real-life uniform production. She is responsible for finding two manufacturers for each kind of garment we produce. It’s not as simple as it might at first seem. As many other businesses, manufacturers have specialisms,

so type and style of garment, fabrics used and volumes needed are all considerations in the path to finding the perfect factory that can deliver to our exacting standards… and on time.

Focus is the key to surviving PV. So much to see, so little time. We went with the objective of finding new solutions to three things: suiting, shirting and… pleats! We came back with a sense of achievement.

Being part of the creative pool

Fabric and design are a marriage and you can’t have one without the other. PV brings the two together. As Alexandra (pictured) says: “The entire fashion industry is at Premiere Vision: fabric suppliers, manufacturers, designers. Fashionizer is part of that.”

We already have strong ties across, the business, but with our suppliers spread far and wide, not just across the UK but throughout the rest of Europe too, face-to-face meetings have to be carefully planned and rationed. PV gives us the chance to reconnect – and make fresh contacts. No matter how many times we go, there is always someone new to meet.


It’s the world’s worst kept secret that we love shoes – we’ve blogged about heels and the PM’s choice of footwear. But there were two things at Premiere Vision that transported us into shoe heaven. Here goes:

Heels in whatever colour or design you can dream of…

And chocolate. Can that get any better?




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