From Netflix to the BBC, our uniforms are ‘As Seen on TV’

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We’ve talked about the link between costume design and uniforms before, so it wasn’t a complete surprise when our Product Development Manager Richard burst through the door one morning, declaring, “We were on TV last night!”

Great British Menu again? Well, no, apparently not. This time we have gone global. The programme is the brand new sci-fi series Sense8, which has just begun showcasing in the UK on Netflix (pictured on the right).Set in America, Europe and Asia, it’s from the people who created The Matrix – which means it looks good.  It’s understandable then, they would choose a good-looking spa uniform to feature in the first episode, although it is unexpectedly being worn as a scientist’s lab coat in Mumbai (it’s our Aquarii tunic, for the uninitiated).

The show has received mixed reviews, although it’s roundly acclaimed for its design and production values and has been trending on Twitter. As far as we know, no-one has mentioned our uniforms yet, but we’re sure it’s only a matter of time.

We are, of course, no stranger to TV appearances. Apart from the aforementioned GBM, our housekeeping uniforms have also featured in the BBC drama Hotel Babylon, and we have spied our doormen’s coats in the UK crime series Vincent. Add to that the appearance of our spa outfits in the US medical drama Private Practice, and we are coming to the conclusion that our uniforms are pretty glamorous.

We could almost be forgiven for thinking that Hollywood beckons working for movies is actually nothing new for our MD.  In her previous life as a costume designer, she worked on such illustrious films as Rumplestiltskin (three stars, apparently, and Debbie says the best thing about it was the costumes).

So, with an increasing number of uniforms making their appearance on TV, we can only conclude that you can take the girl out of costume design, but you can’t take costume design out of the girl…

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