GSWS: Leading by example

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The Global Spa and Wellness Summit is always an inspiring event, and one of the most energising parts is hearing from those who have done extraordinary things with their lives. One of those people is Bonnie St John.  She is a Harvard and Oxford graduate, a best-selling author, TV and radio presenter, US government adviser, an economist and is one of the keynote speakers at the GSWS. But consider this: at the age of five, she had her right leg amputated below the knee;  by the age of 20 she had become the first black American woman to win an Olympic or Paralympic ski racing medal. Bonnie, amid all her other commitments, still coaches disabled youngsters in skiing, has been labelled as one of the five most inspiring women in America. Bonnie is one of the opening speakers on the first day of the conference.  Check out this link to learn more about her.

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