A Healthy Diagnosis

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Fashionizer Spa is fresh back from the wonderful Global Spa and Wellness Summit in India, and I bring good news: the spa business is healthy in more ways than one.

This healthy diagnosis research was presented at the GSWS, wellness tourism is expected to grow at a rate that is 50 per cent higher than any other sectors in the tourism industry over the next four years.

According to Ophelia Yeung, lead author of the study and co-director at the Stanford Research Institute, well-being is already firmly on the economic map. Although there is no specific hard data, she said that economists were able to estimate that the global wellness market is currently worth £275billion, including both domestic and international travellers, and this is forecast to reach £425billion by 2017. Hard facts or not, it’s a trend that is welcome.  It’s also encouraging to know that more than 11 million jobs are generated through wellness tourism, and with those growth figures, this can only mean a robust increase in the number of people employed in spas, retreats and healthy hotels.

You can read the GSWS press release which contains further details of how the industry is performing here

Look out too for more feedback on the Summit in our October newsletter.

I’ll also be giving my impressions of the Summit in this blog, covering subjects as diverse as hotel service including toothpaste and the Dalai Lama’s defining moment.


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