KA Role at Fashionizer: Marketing Assistant

As Fashionizer’s Marketing Assistant, KA’s responsibilities include keeping our social media pages looking as fabulous as they do, working on website updates, and using her eagle-eye to help fine-tune our press releases. Although a relatively new member of Fashionizer, KA’s positive attitude and natural efficiency means she has quickly become a valued part of the team… despite the fact she regularly pesters the staff for photos to include in social media!

Life Before Fashionizer

Originally from Auckland, New Zealand, KA’s love of fashion was born at the age of 10 when she attended a Trelise Cooper fashion show. Years later, KA decided to pursue this passion by moving halfway across the world to Paris, where she studied Luxury Fashion Business and Marketing. Prior to joining Fashionizer, KA worked as a contract Graphic Design and a Fashion Event Organiser, following her love of fashion, and honing her skill set that has made her such a valuable asset to the Fashionizer Team.

Insider’s Guide to KA

KA’s interests know no bounds; whether it’s software development or circus arts, she loves finding something new to learn about. Keeping active is important to her too, and she’s recently taken up calisthenics and contortion to complement her trail running. KA always makes time to kick back and relax as well, whether that’s curling up at home with a good book and her plants, or spending time with her family at a local café (where her dog always gets his own chair and fine dining experience!)