Man and Boy-tox

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Recent research shows that one of the biggest growth markets is male grooming products. Companies have spotted this, and the number of launches targeted specifically at men has risen by 70% in the past 10 years, according to stats produced by industry analysts, Mintel.

But are men really getting in touch with their preening side? We conducted an office poll to find out what’s really happening on the street. Well, a poll of one: Richard, our Product Development Manager who, it turns out, has an impressive beauty routine.

FS: Do you moisturise daily?

R: Morning – l’Occitane CADE aftershave balm.

Midday – Kiehl’s facial fuel which has an SPF 15 in it.

Evening – l’Occitane Ultra Rich body cream which contains 25% shea butter or the l’Occitane 100% Organic Shea butter enriched with Vitamin E. Or coconut Oil “Coconoil” brand. (We’re not indulging in a spot of product placement here – he really does use these!)

FS: Eye serum? Hair products?

R: No Eye serum. Hair products: I like using either Bumble & Bumble Sumotech which is a paste like wax, or John Masters Organic Hair Pomade.

FS: Would you consider Botox – or Boy-tox, if you prefer

R: Yes I would consider “Boytox” not just yet though, some friends and family have done it and they look great.

FS: A spot of manscaping?

R: What’s that?

FS: Err, like a Brazilian wax for men

R: Hair is there for a reason.

Meet Richard and the rest of the Fashionizer team.

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