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How Fashionizer recreated 40 years of street style

We’re back on the road this autumn in London and Paris, showcasing Fashionizer’s uniforms, designs and services. But in the meantime, we’ve had fun this summer doing something just that bit different – a spot of creative costume design on a budget.

Fashionizer takes to the floor

We’re not talking about hotel uniforms but dancers’ outfits, which we were invited to provide for this year’s Restaurant and Bar Design Awards. The awards celebrate the best in food and beverage interior design, and the theme was street fashion through the decades.


Fashionizer’s mission was to clothe the dancers in outfits that represented each of the four decades from the 70s through to the Noughties – and all of these only in white. The clothes had to be fit-for-purpose (we’re used to that) in that the dancers could move easily, but otherwise we had free rein with our designs.  That’s a very tempting brief for our creative team, so what happened when they were let loose with feathers, bicycle chains, mesh and a collection of hats?

Dancers wearing 80s Fashionizer Designs Choreographed by Chris Baldock

It’s a conical bra so it must be the 80s.

So how did we recreate 40 years of style? We used our new housekeeping jumpsuit as a starting point, making a white version and adapting it to the mood of each decade. We asked the dancers to test the flexibility, fit and movement, and after dancing for

Dancers wearing Fashionizer designs . Choreographed by Chris Baldock

Mad for the 90s?

four decades, they gave us the high five (very Noughties). With such positive feedback, we’ve decided to make the black version of the jumpsuit available as part of our housekeeping stock collection in 2017. Keep an eye on our online shop.


Dancers in Fashionizer Designs

Hip-hop hurray for the Noughties

For more videos and pics of our dance designs, check out our Facebook page here.

Where to meet the Fashionizer team this autumn

Fashionizer Designs team at RBDA 2016

The Fashionizer team accompanied by choreographer Chris Baldock and dancer Hannah (both far right).

With the dance show behind us, we’re now focussing on shows of a different kind. We are at three events in the coming weeks:

Independent Hotel Show, Olympia, London, 18-19 October. Fashionizer’s account management team of Dorota and Fiona will be at stand 3.

EquipHotel, Paris, November 6-10. Fashionizer, we will be at stand Pav. 4-E112, a team of four including our two bilingual French speakers, Melissa and Chloe will be attending with our MD Debbie and account manager Fiona.

Then, our MD Debbie will also be at the Global Spa Summit, Tyrol, Austria, October 17-19.

We look forward to meeting our friends and customers.


Fashionizer Designs at RBDA 2016

Fashionizer at RBDA 2016

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