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We recognized that our bespoke customers across the globe were often in need of high-quality hospitality uniforms at a fast rate. In response, we have devised a ready to wear collection  including hospitality uniforms and restaurant uniforms. Garments are made in high quality fabrics ,manufactured in Europe that can be delivered within just 48 hours.

Hotel Uniform Shop is an online shop for Fashionizer’s collection of staff uniforms. This website provides you with a streamlined customer journey and the opportunity to buy high quality ready to wear hospitality uniforms with fast delivery.

Along with our classic housekeeping uniforms the site offers beautiful doorman coats made from 100% Loden wool. Stylish jumpsuits which are part of our innovative New Life collection that uses the environmentally friendly Newlife™ fabric made from 100% recycled plastic bottles. You can also find knitwear, hats, belts, shoes and aprons. If you are looking for high end uniforms that can really represent your brand, then have a look at what we have to offer. Designed with practicality and style, using the latest technology as well as our longstanding experience as bespoke uniform suppliers to the top customers in the hospitality industry. Our uniforms combine style and function and are both beautiful and hard- wearing.

At Fashionizer we have 25 years’ experience working to create bespoke hotel uniforms for the leading 5-star hotels, resorts and luxury brands across the globe. Our garments are worn by many award-winning brands. We ensure all ready to wear our garments are perfectly suited to the most demanding luxury environments.

Find out more about our sustainable hotel uniforms, maid tunics and restaurant aprons, made in a variety of shapes, textures and colors. To discover more visit our hotel uniform shop