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Fashionizer Spa – Sustainable Uniforms for Spa and Wellness

If you are interested in environmental sustainability in the hospitality industry, the preservation of the planet, and ensuring that you are promoting business responsibility in your purchases, why not visit our spa uniform shop, to make your purchase of spa uniforms part of your sustainability agenda. Being eco-friendly is a choice that you can make and still be fashionable, stylish and elegant!

Fashionizer Spa’s efficient infrastructure uses sustainable and natural materials and provides access to decent jobs and a better quality of life for our supply chain. Sustainability is at the heart of the Fashionizer Spa brand, Fashionizer Couture Uniforms’ sister company, that produces sophisticated and stylish sustainable spa uniforms. Our elegant garments are made from innovative fabrics that are environmentally friendly. The durability of our garments means that they have an extended product life, which also conserves resources and prevents valuable materials from becoming waste, allowing you to get the maximum benefit from our products.

Have a look at our spa uniform shop and let us assist you in being both socially responsible and glamorous at the same time.