What have the Romans ever done for us?

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To an Ancient Roman, the concept of a spa with medicine as its raison d’etre would be old news.  In fact, some historians believe that we were using the healing properties of spring water as long ago as the Bronze Age.  So with one of the fastest growing trends at the moment being Medi-spas, I will be interested in the sessions on medical tourism and its growing connection with the concept of wellness.  Josef Woodman, founder of medical tourism company Patients Beyond Borders, set up his global business after being compelled to seek affordable treatment outside the US for a dental condition. His background in the medical business has taken him to hospitals in 35 different countries, so he is well placed to look at this global shift towards well-being, and, at the Global Spa and Wellness Summit, will seek to explain why medicine is courting wellness.


Josef Woodman

I’ll also be fascinated to hear what Curtis Schroeder, Founder and Consultant at healthcare consultancy Intermedika, has to say. He is credited with being one of the pioneers of healthcare travel, so the title of his talk – Medical & Spa Tourism: Marriage made in Heaven… or Shotgun Wedding? – is intriguing.


Curtis Schroeder

TOMORROW: The role of ecology in wellness tourism

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