Why sleeping is good for you: festive tip number 3

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Whether it’s a little doze after the traditional turkey dinner or just a chance to have a little lie-in during the holidays, Christmas can be an opportunity to catch up on a few winks.  And guess what, sleep is good for you.

Research conducted by the University of Chicago discovered that not only does lack of sleep make you hungrier, but also that dieters who slept more were more likely to lose body fat. Getting enough good-quality sleep also boosts memory and concentration; it supports your immune system, is good for your heart – and temper.  What’s not to like?

The team at Fashionizer is hoping to indulge in some happy napping in the coming days. Our office is closed from December 20 to January 5, and we fully plan to use some of that for sleeping.

Have a restful, happy Christmas and see you in 2014.

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