Spa Life: Food for Thought

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In the whirlwind that is life at Fashionizer Spa, we get to attend a lot of events, from conferences to receptions to gala dinners.  One of the things that we always have our beady eye on is the quality of the food. It can make a significant difference to the success of an event – and we Fashionizer Spa are 100 per cent certain that guests feel the same.

 So it was a pleasure to find a shining example of How To Get It Right. Last week we were at the Spa Life UK expo and conference, which took place at Wyboston Lakes Hotel in Bedfordshire.  The conference itself was well organised, efficient and interesting, and provided plenty of food for thought business-wise.  But it was also the food on the table that struck the right note with us. We, Fashionizer, have been in the hospitality business long enough to understand that catering for health-conscious spa professionals carries its own special challenges, but Wyboston Lakes managed to pull it off! Thank you for a great event.

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