Timing is of the essence

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Louie Schwartzberg has been on a 30-year mission: to bring the beauty of the natural world to life. His art is to use time and distance to enable us to capture those things in the natural world that we might be unaware of or be unable to see. For example, a hummingbird bats its wings up to 80 times per second – but to actually see it do so is beyond the human eye; Louie’s precise use of time-lapse filming captures the hummingbird as it hovers, but represents it in a format that we can assimilate. In that way, he enables us to penetrate a world that we would normally be unable to share in.

Louie is a regular contributor to Ted Talks and his skill as a storyteller will mean his talk at the GSWS will be a visual feast. He is speaking under the title Moving Art, and I will be hoping to see some of his work, such as this clip from his most recent feature film, Wings of Life. I am prepared to be amazed.

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