When water is a life-changer

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World Health Organisation figures published this year show that drinking-water coverage in 2011 remained at 89%, leaving 768 million people to rely on unimproved drinking water sources. Despite many improvements in the past 20 years, the issue of clean water supply remains one of the most vital global challenges.

It’s a subject that is close to the heart of Sonu Shivdasan. Last year at the 2012 Global Spa and Wellness Summit he spoke about the need for the hotel and spa industry to take ownership of the problem.  His call is for businesses to put an end to using imported water, and instead to filter their own water and bottle it in reusable containers. “Our industry can solve this problem if we get behind it. As hoteliers, spas and restaurateurs, we’re often the last to get on the socially responsible and environmentally conscious bandwagon,” he said. As a founder member of the Whole World Water charity, his call is also for the industry to donate 10 per cent of the proceeds to the fund.

At this year’s summit Sonu will be updating us on the progress of the water initiative.  Let’s hope it’s encouraging news.

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