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Fashionizer’s Ethics and Ethical Staff Uniforms

Here at Fashionizer, we adopt a high level of integrity in everything we do. Therefore, we have a strong commitment to producing ethical staff uniforms. We passionately believe in working in partnership with both our customers and suppliers in a way which maintains high ethical fashion standards. Furthermore, we are focused on achieving the highest quality in all elements of the supply chain, and we constantly strive for best practice in all aspects of our business. 

We adhere to the ethical fashion code of conduct because we believe in treating all workers with dignity, respect and fairness. In addition, we believe in protecting the environment throughout our products’ manufacture.

Our code of ethics

  • Free choice of employment
  • Respect for freedom of association and the right to collective bargaining
  • Safe and hygienic working conditions
  • No child labour
  • Paying living wages
  • Working hours are not excessive
  • No discrimination
  • Provision of regular employment
  • No harsh or inhumane treatment


Supplier standards

We ensure that suppliers adhere to strict ethical standards because we have high standards ourselves. We base these on European employment laws and practices. Our fabric suppliers are accredited with the Öeko-Tex Standard – an international testing and certification system for textiles. This limits the use of certain chemicals and complies with all European ethical and environmental legislation.

We make all garments for Fashionizer brands in vetted factories which adhere to the above code of conduct.

Environmental standards

We aim to reduce our energy usage and promote sustainable working practices. Therefore, when we dye fabrics, we ensure this is done to EU standards in order to minimise the environmental impact.