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Fabrics for Luxury Uniforms

Fabrics used in luxury uniforms need higher performance standards than those in fashion. We test the fabrics we use on a number of performance standards including abrasion, colour fastness, shrinkage and snagging. Attending seasonal fabric fairs keeps us at the cutting edge of fabric trends. We currently work with more than 100 different fabrics and trim suppliers. Furthermore, Fashionizer is able to offer an extensive selection of fit-for-purpose quality fabrics. We are unique in our ability to create small quantities of customised fabrics to match your brand colour, interior, or a specific pattern to fit a brief, colour and budget.

Finishes and Special Weave Technology 

We can arrange to add a soil release (stain-resistant), non-iron or other performance finishes such as Coolmax (temperature control), Silverplus (R) (Anti-Bacterial), Fresh Max (removes odours). Minimum orders apply. 

Exclusive Fabrics – Designing Uniforms for Luxury Hospitality

Fashionizer delivers a high-quality product and we identify with the top end of fashion. Therefore, the majority of our luxury uniforms fabrics are made from natural fibres. We believe that the comfort factor for wearers is substantial as is the improved look and feel of the garment. This philosophy has proven itself again and again with the great performance we achieve from our British high twist wools.

Our sister company Fashionizer Spa offers our exclusive collection in CPF (Cotton Performance Fabric). Fashionizer Spa garments sell extensively across the world and are the perfect example of the successful combination of comfort, style and function.
Fashionizer offers a warranty on the life of garments providing care instructions are followed.

Good, luxury uniforms successfully marry style and function; if staff feel good in what they wear this will impact on staff morale, standards of presentation and overall performance.