LM Role at Fashionizer: Production Assistant 

At Fashionizer, we like to give our interns an authentic experience of what it’s like to work in a fashion design company. LM came to Fashionizer to gain knowledge of tailoring and production processes with a company that values high-quality craftsmanship, so her role as production and design assistant fits her like a glove. LM helps in the workroom: managing orders, cutting patterns, preparing garments for our seamstress and tailor, and quality controlling finished garments.

Life Before Fashionizer

LM grew up watching her mum make clothes, which she credits as the starting point of her love of garments and fashion. LM studied Fashion Atelier at the University of Creative Arts in Rochester, where she specialised in bespoke tailoring, and has since gone on to produce garments for private clients and costumes for television. Her love of hand craftsmanship makes her an avid follower of our tailor Emanuel and a valuable addition to the Fashionizer team!

Insider’s Guide to LM

In her spare time, LM loves keeping active with a variety of hobbies. She enjoys playing netball, practising martial arts, and is also a keen Irish dancer. LM loves living in the capital, but her special place is the beautiful mountains in her family’s hometown of Tipperary. Most important of all, she makes the best cup of tea! A skill much appreciated on busy days.