Great British Menu hots up – but someone’s keeping their cool…

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It’s half way through the final week on BBC2’s Great British Menu and the heat has turned up a notch. The contestants are sautéing, pan-frying and searing as if their life depended on it: you can almost taste the perspiration on their brows as they attempt to deliver the best monkfish, probably ‘cooked three ways’ and present it perfectly on a gently warmed plate.

 But we have noticed not one, but three cool heads in the middle of the toil, and that’s the waitresses.  It can’t be easy carrying some of those challenging and innovatively designed plates of food.

At this point we have to throw our hands in the air and confess. They are actually wearing one of our dresses – the Aster, pictured, with its cute white collar and matching cuffs (we’re not taking responsibility for the apron and visor-style cap, though). The Aster was designed as a housekeeping dress, but we have to agree that whoever had the idea to put them in a waitressing environment was spot on. It might be something to do with the fact that they are 100% cotton – ideal for keeping your cool during a busy service. The dress also fits in perfectly with the theme of the competition, which takes memories of World War II and adds a modern twist through latest cooking techniques.

But here’s a thing. We had no idea that one of our uniforms would be appearing on primetime TV. They made a good choice, though: the Aster has proved so popular that we have sold out – and that’s even before our appearance on Great British Menu.

The GBM contestants are not the only ones feeling the heat. It’s been a sticky couple of weeks for Nick Clegg too. We have no particular political agenda here, but this has meant good news for us – as the BBC chose to use footage of the Deputy Prime Minister’s visit to Fashionizer to illustrate their story on the News at Ten. Whilst we’re not so keen on the fact that we provided the backdrop to a rather negative story on Mr Clegg, on balance we’ll take it.  There’s no such thing as bad publicity, after all.

  • The final rounds of Great British Menu are on BBC2 every night this week. Tune in to watch our uniforms in action.
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