Why a Christmas Party is good for you: tip number 1

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Tonight is the one evening of the year where we at Fashionizer can take a break from thinking about designing uniforms and sourcing fabrics. So we’re all dressed up, the glitter eyeshadow has been applied, the taxis ordered and the champagne’s on ice.  It can only mean one thing: the Fashionizer Christmas party.

But if you think that office parties are bad for your health, then think again. Because if there’s dancing involved (isn’t there always?) then the calories burned off could well exceed the calories imbibed.

Take the average glass of wine… well; let’s say a large glass of wine.  That’s 250 ml and that comes in at around 195 calories.

Now let’s have a think about salsa.  Salsa is a great dance because lots of people can do a bit of it.  Even those that can’t do it think they can at a certain stage in an evening.  If an average-sized person dances salsa for an hour, they will burn off more than 400 calories – and that’s two whole glasses of wine. Or two mince pies.

So we’re off… Let’s dance!

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