Impact of Brexit on hospitality industry

Withdrawal of freedom of movement requires new uniform strategies.

Whether their fears were substantiated or not, many voted for Brexit over concerns about rising immigration levels. Three years down the line it’s time to focus on what it’s going to mean for the hospitality industry going forward. The current uncertainty surrounding Brexit is becoming...

Cadogan Doorman Coat

The Doorman. Where the Magic starts. By Charles Leon.

Charles Leon, International Speaker on Creative Process and the Designer’s Mind talks about his belief that clothes have the ability to transform how you feel and therefore change your behavior and your attitude. My wife runs a bespoke uniform design company and she told me a...

Health doesn’t have a dress size

Health doesn’t have a dress size

Anyone with an acute cultural awareness or an eye on their instagram ads will have noticed a shift in the size of the models that are used to advertise activewear; a diverse range of body types is used to demonstrate brands’ wearability. And, quite rightly...

uniform makers 

Diversity in All Sizes

How many times have you gone into a shop to buy new clothes, only to find that the dress you loved in the window just doesn’t quite fit your body shape? Being a size zero is no longer a fashion statement, as top fashion houses...