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Our Digital Journey; Destination our new ‘Hotel Uniform Shop

A labour of love since its conception 12 months ago we are now ready to unveil our new Hotel Uniform Shop. Developing a new website has been a learning curve for the Fashionizer team and our digital journey has been filled with bumps, humps and...

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The Great British Summer Break Up

If you haven’t seen an episode or at least heard of the nation’s latest craze/current obsession that is Love Island then you have obviously not been in the UK this summer. Even if you’re not inclined to normally watch beautiful people swerve carbs and swan...

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From shop floor to…trash can?

Where do all the unsold clothes from the high street actually go? This is a topic that we have been thinking about for a while. An estimated £140 million worth of clothing goes into landfill each year in the UK alone. The truth is that...

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Top marks, you can’t beat The Merrion, Dublin

When Fashionizer started working with The Merrion Hotel in Dublin, it was the start of the millennium. Kate Moss was a regular on the cover of Vogue, Hussein Chalayan was British Designer of the year for a collection of wearable furniture and Kylie made her...

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Time to stand up for the creative industries

Fashion, drama, art, music, TV, publishing… What do they have in common? Yes, they are all creative industries, they all make a valuable contribution to the economy, and provide jobs. But this sector is one that is often not taken seriously enough – it’s labelled...

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Saving the Planet: How Fabrics Can Make a Difference

We’re going to make a prediction here: 2018 will be the year where we all are going to think long and hard about plastic and sustainability. That means looking at the way we use it and how it is casually tossed aside to pollute land...